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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Clever & Smart

Magic Bytes released Clever & Smart back in 1987 which is a peculiar puzzler based on the original Spanish comic strip. We're in an odd city and appear to play as two special agents - who are controlled at the same time. Okay, they're hardly Mulder and Scully but these guys have been informed about a gifted scientist, Dr Bakterius, who is being held prisoner by a terrorist organisation called OMP. Yup, I guess it's our job to free him!

The city is viewed from above and exploring is quite a weird experience so watch out for odd characters lurking the streets - it usually ends in a brawl. Finding a cop won't help because they just disappear for some odd reason? I wandered around for a while until a car suddenly appeared with the sole purpose of running us down!

Terrorists are causing troubles again so let's plod through the city looking for clues... I think?

By chance, I entered the sewers through a manhole and found myself in a place that reminded me of an old ZX Spectrum game, Maziacs. I pottered about, dodging rats and silly cats, but there wasn't much else of interest other than to seek out an exit. Also, bumping into the walls displays a menu with two useless options, so I assumed I needed to find helpful items from in the city above? However, I found nothing in the three games I recorded...

Graphically, this sucks as it's almost like my Atari ST has been transformed into an Amstrad. This isn't a game you'll boot up to be blown away by gorgeous visuals and whoever created that shuffling walk (during the sewers scenes) should be shot!! Saying that I must admit some of the sprites are kinda cute and those brawls are a neat touch. Also, I wouldn't expect much from the old YM2149 other than the odd scratchy effects and annoying footsteps.

Wow, these sewers are bad but not as much as our shuffling walk. Funny looking sprites though!

Well, that was certainly one of the most unusual games I've ever played. Lots of careless walking about, wondering what to do and where to do - and then you get mowed down! Perhaps if I had the manual then things might have been different? However, many more hours would be needed on this bizarre puzzler and I'm not feeling the vibe. So, that's that. Anyone else played this and dying to educate this grumpy old retro gamer? Go on, I dare ya!

I hate to torture Y'all but if you fancy a go then grab yourself either the floppy or hdd versions. Good luck!

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