Sunday, December 09, 2018


MandelST is a new fractal generator developed in GFA Basic by Manos Kantzos (thanks to GeoAnas for the heads-up). I love messing about with funky fractals and this program is a cinch to use - which is a good thing for me!

Mandelbrot/Julia productions can be generated within moments but faster computers will certainly benefit from their extra grunt. Of course, emulators are a good idea unless you prefer to leave your ST on overnight! Images can be export as Degas PI1 or TIFF, which I think is extremely cool. Also, basic animations are possible which will take us deep into our freaky infinite mathematical world - what an absolutely stunning idea with great potential.

I've been having a play over the weekend and created some peculiar images and a nice animation I'm quite proud of. MandelST is a great program and it's superb to see something new coming out for the Atari ST so I'm hoping Manos continues to develop and improve upon it. Have yourself some geeky fun zooming in on infinite. I have!!

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  1. Nice colours...too funky screens! Me likes! ;-)

    1. heh thanks mate. He's made a good program here :)

  2. Steven, thank you so much for this post! I am so very proud for this publication at the legendary AtariCrypt!

    MANDELST in reality is an old program. It dates back to the end of '80s, started coding it somewhere around '88-'89. It was forgotten until I decided to retouch it and make a thread at one of Greek Retro Computing Community's important site, iamretro.
    Here is a link but the posts are in Greek Language:

    The (beloved) Atari ST is still going strong! Keep up the good work!