Friday, August 19, 2016

What's wrong with this picture?

Look at my GEM desktop... can you spot two things which are wrong?

Okay, I've been experimenting with various GEM programs that allow larger resolutions or an increase in the desktop area. Some offer interlace to double the vertical resolution (use 60Hz if possible!) whilst others created a virtual screen powered by the Atari STe's hardware scrolling. Interestingly, there are also programs which enable overscan and it was this that sparked my curiosity. Overscan works perfect on my computer but I did have a slight flickering during disk activity on my Mega STe - but only when running in 16MHz. It wasn't much of a problem but no matter how I tweaked the settings it was never quite as good as the stock 8Mhz computer.

Each tool I found is bundled into this download. (please let me know if there are others I've missed)
BigScreen, DBL2STE, DBL2ST, Remove, MonSTEr, NoBorder, Big-Y


  1. The download is no longer valid, any chance we can find this somewhere else?

    1. Hello James. The link works... What error are u getting as I'm worried it has been failing all along for people :(

  2. I'd be interested to hear of anyone's real-world experience with getting DBL to work, because as far as I was aware the ST (and STe) was incapable of generating interlaced video. Nothing that actually increases the true usable screen resolution anyway; what that program seems to do is simply buffer an image twice the height of the actual display then flicker alternate lines on top of each other, which might fool a casual observer but is no good if you actually want to use the increased detail lace would actually give you (especially on an LCD which will iron out all the shimmer...)

  3. yeah there's no default option in the hardware so it's all done in software, be it to double the screen or interlace it or use the borders. Some CPU time is used but not much