Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fullscreen Construction Kit

Fullscreen Construction Kit was developed by FMC Connexion to display high(er) resolution pictures in overscan. It works by piecing together four Degas blocks to generate the larger image, which can then be viewed using the program provided. The process is quite simple but I had difficulties with the colour palettes, hence the reason why Milla is in greyscale and the dog picture is more red than brown! Also, it's worth noting that I found it easier to create the block parts using my Mac, but there are online tools available to split-up your source images.


Six outstanding examples are already on the disk plus you also have the ability to create your own. This set of image blocks [by Killer D] should give you a better understanding of what's expected from budding Degas artists but even folk without any pixel artistic skills (like me!!) should take a look at this fun program. So why not give it a playtest today and see what overscan goodies you can knock up? Enjoy dabbling and let me know what you create!


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