Saturday, September 24, 2016

Resolution 101

Resolution 101 is by one of my favourite developers, Astral, who portray the future to be a crime-ridden hell hole. Well, Resolution 101 certainly paints that image well and presents us with its own vector equivalent of that grim scenario. Here you are an ex-criminal driving an armed cop car which feels more like a hovercraft. This has presented you with the perfect opportunity to make up for your dodgy past and to make a difference - by hunting down drug runners. So, just like a movie from the 1980s starring Van Damme or Stallone you should expect lots of fun, thrills, and plenty of action as you clean up the city!

Resolution 101 is basically nothing more than an action shoot 'em up where the aim is to kill all the bad guys. They will often materialise in random locations so keep an eye on your radar and map, both help to navigate through the urban jungle. During the carnage, these guys will drop their stash for you to collect. Each level has a drug lord who will take lots of effort to be destroyed but, once dead, there is always somebody else higher up the food chain to deal with... Control is from within the comfort of your anti-gravity squad car which is conveniently directed using your ST's mouse or joystick (mouse is best). Move it to view your surroundings, the left button accelerates and the right is used to fire the weapon, a combination which works superbly.

This is a first-person shooter released when the genre was still in infancy, long before we got to shoot Nazi's in Castle Wolfenstein. Don't expect a crude, sluggish experience because this game features one of the fastest 3D engines you could ever imagine our old Atari ST kicking out with an extremely high framerate. A good chiptune plays throughout but if you prefer effects then hit the F7 key at any time.

This is one of the best action-filled shoot 'em ups on the Atari ST. It's brilliant and so much fun with no overly complicated and unnecessary storyline to get in the way. I really do enjoy zooming through the city, which is both fast and fluent and always offers a satisfying chase. Quite simply, Resolution 101 is one of the best retro games ever and one I am also very proud to own. If you've never played this before then now is the time to end your stupidity!


 - A great map that comes free in the box if you spent the pennies and I did :-)
 - Wanna watch my expert gameplay skills? Of course, you do!
 - Download the hard drive version from 8BitChip.
 - Those that require the floppy disk can grab that via Old Games Finder.