Saturday, September 24, 2016

Resolution 101

Resolution 101 was developed by Astral, one of my favourite developers who also made Horror Zombies From The Crypt and Archipelagos. They portray the future to be a crime-ridden hell hole and Resolution 101 certainly paints the image to present us with a vector equivalent of the grim scenario. You are an ex-criminal driving an armed cop car and are trying to make up for a dodgy past by hunting down drug runners. So, just like a Van Damme or Stallone movie from the 1980s you should expect lots of action, thrills, and plenty of explosions!

This baddie looks like something from Dr Who so let's zip around him and zoom away!

Paint whatever picture you like, this is nothing more than an action shoot 'em up. The objective is nothing complex - just kill all the baddies who materialise in random locations throughout the city. Your car has a radar map which helps to track these through the urban jungle and when you kill them they drop their stash for you to collect. This angers the druglord who pops up on your display with his humorous expression! Thankfully, your job is performed from within the comfort of your anti-gravity squad car which is conveniently directed using the mouse or joystick (mouse is best). Move it to view your surroundings, left button accelerates and the right fires the weapon - a great combination.

That guy looks like my old Computer Studies tutor from college. Spooky!

The graphics are excellent with the druglord popping up for a great comical value that never fails to make me smile. To think this was released when first-person shooters where in their infancy is very impressive and you should not expect a crude or sluggish experience because it's one of the fastest 3D engines I've seen. It's far beyond impressive to think our 8MHz Atari ST is producing such a kick-ass performance with an extremely high framerate. Audio is also excellent and I love the sound effects which add pizzazz to the destruction. Music is great and a cracking tune that you won't be able to get out of your head all day long - hitting F7 turns it off if you prefer to remain sane.

Each level features great animations of the drug lords taking a hit... Nice developers, really!!

This is one of the best action-based shoot 'em ups on the Atari ST. It's fantastic fun with no overly complicated (and unnecessary) storyline to get in the way. I really do enjoy zooming through the city, which is fast and always offers a satisfying chase. Quite simply, Resolution 101 is one of the best retro games I have ever played!

Please, don't miss out on retro gaming gold and pursue the druglords yourself on a floppy or hard disk.

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