Saturday, September 24, 2016

Resolution 101

Wanna shoot lots of bad guys?

Resolution 101 was developed by Astral who also made Horror Zombies From The Crypt and Archipelagos. They portray a future that is a crime-ridden hell hole displayed using gorgeous vectors for a grim scenario.

We are an ex-criminal turned good and it's our job to hunt down the bad guys in our anti-gravity squad car. So, just like any Van Damme or Stallone movie, you should expect action and lots of explosions! Use your car radar to help map this urban jungle. Whenever you kill anything, they drop their stash for you to collect - which angers the drug lords that will pop up on your monitor display. It's now that you realise your job is to eliminate everyone!!

Control is best with the mouse: use this to view all around your crazy new world. The left button accelerates and the right fires our weapon. This is an excellent system that works perfectly and far better than the joystick. The graphics are superb using such a fast and smooth 3D engine. I must say it's great when the drug lord appears on your screen - so comical. Sound effects are great as is the music which I love - you can hit F7 to flip between these.

This is one of the best 3D shoot 'em ups for the Atari ST. It's fantastic fun with no overly complex (ie, unnecessary) objectives to get in the way. I really enjoyed zooming through the city, which is always fast to provide a satisfying chase. Quite simply, Resolution 101 is one of the best retro games I have ever played.

Don't miss this fantastic shooter for either floppy or hard disk.

This baddie looks like something from Dr Who so let's zip around him and zoom away!

That guy looks like my old Computer Studies tutor from college. Spooky!

Each level features great animations of the drug lords taking a hit... Nice developers, really!!

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