Saturday, September 17, 2016


Earlier this year I posted a teaser of a work-in-progress by Scott Clifford, yes good ol' FROGGER. A near perfect representation of the classic arcade game has recently seen many of its features enhanced - machine compatibility, speed, audio, and controls. The "last" bug has been squashed and Frogger has finally leaped his way across that busy highway and into the history books as the newest Atari ST game to be released - well done Scott!!


 - Frogger is downloadable right now from the mighty AtariMania website. Get it!!
 - Scott's portfolio is listed on Demozoo.
 - Mathieu Stempell, aka Dma-Sc, has crafted every awesome chiptune for Frogger.
 - Wikipedia has a nice page on Frogger (for those too young to remember!)