Saturday, September 17, 2016


It feels like I've been beta testing Frogger forever but it's finally complete and we have the official release of Frogger, by Scott Clifford. Don't expect a cheap knock-off because this is about as accurate is it gets with authentic graphics, sounds and ultra-cool playability. I'm sure every fan of the original arcade game will adore this brand new conversion? Plus it's 2016 and the Atari ST is still getting new games released - which is incredible!!

Leapin' Frogger! Home may look like it's only a hop, skip, and a jump away, but looks can be deceiving. First, there's a dangerous highway to hop across, full of fast-moving cars & trucks. Then there's a swirling river to leap,  full of frog-eating creatures. How's Frogger going to get home safely? By letting you hop him on his way. Guide Frogger safely through this perilous journey, and you'll jump for joy!

The object of the game is to hop as many frogs to safety as you can - and to score the most points along the way. Each time you bring 5 frogs home, you'll hear a short tune.  Then the game will continue at a more difficult level with your remaining frogs. The traffic will be more difficult to cross. There will be fewer floating objects on the river. Frogger-eating snakes will also appear on the riverbank in progressively more difficult levels. The game ends when no frogs (lives) are left.

Your score is displayed at the bottom of the screen throughout the game. Points accumulate as follows:

Jumping Frogger forward = 10 points
Jumping Frogger home = 50 points
Jumping 5 frogs home = 1000 points
Taking a lady frog home = 200 points
Eating a fly = 100 points
Extra points for time left = 10 points (per remaining second)

Right then, I've got a stash of 10 pence coins in my pocket. What? I don't need them!!

I always love information screens - plus how authentic is this? Amazing conversion.

Frogger should work fine with every model of ST computer but it's only been tested on the Atari ST, Atari STe and Mega STe. So please let us know if you have any issues using one of those super-speedy computers which neither Scott nor I could afford... Okay, you can download this amazing arcade game right now from AtariMania - within its archive is a version for both floppy and hard disk installation. Enjoy gaming like it's 1981!!

Update: You guys may also be interested that Scott is now a member of Effect and has since been interviewed by AtariCrypt. He has worked on many demo screens and also released an amazing Turrican Music Disk and also has RAIDEN currently in development for the Atari STe (I'm really looking forward to playing Raiden!!)

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