Friday, September 16, 2016

[A]tari [G]ame [T]ools

Note the overscan, extra pixels, smooth scrolling, sounds... This is pure WOW!!

Feel the power of the Atari STe!!

Here are new videos from the current version of "AGT" by Douglas Little. A.G.T. stands for Atari Game Tools and is intended for the much under-utilised Atari STe and each video shows the potential of this engine. It's a jaw-dropper and Doug has a thread on Atari-Forum detailing more information. He also has a bitbucket website for downloads/tutorials. Doug has an impressive history and AGT has so much gaming potential:

- Full support for the Atari STe hardware. 
- 8 way (or 4-way) scrolling. 
- Horizontal-only scrolling. 
- Overscan- Increased resolutions. 
- Vertical-only scrolling. 
- Scroll rate from 0 to +/-16 pixels per frame on each axis. 
- Map size up to 32768 x 32768 pixels. 
- Highly configurable for different kinds of game!

I look forward to seeing how our community uses AGT.
"Happy STE coding"

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