Saturday, September 08, 2018

Gobliins 2

The newest addition to my collection goes to Coktel Vision's Gobliins 2. The box art is so cheesy - just look at those silly expressions. Funny, but also a little creepy too. I only wish the sticker on the left wasn't there... I can see eyes looking at me! (I hate it when companies or shops would put their stickers on boxes!!)

I've never played a "Goblins" game before so this is all new to me. In this sequel, a demon king has kidnapped The Prince (who's a bit of a Buffoon) but the gruesome twosome will save the day: Fingus and Winkle. This is a unique "co-op" adventure and one I'm dying to boot up later today. [grab the floppy or hard drive downloads]

Well, I think he's choking a chicken while a giant sleeps under a tree. Nice scene!

LOL Just look at the old dude in the window. Awesome artwork.

This game is certainly living up to my expectations. I'm having a blast playing this belter!!

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