Saturday, September 08, 2018

Gobliins 2

Funny creatures with funny expressions

The newest addition to my collection goes to Coktel Vision's Gobliins 2. The cover is very cheesy - just look at those silly faces which are quite creepy too. I only wish the sticker on the left wasn't there as I can see eyes looking at me! (I hate it when companies or shops would put their stickers on boxes!!). Anyhow, superb box art.

Right then, talking of boxes, the cover is great but let's see the back and what's inside...

Can you imagine seeing the back of this in a shop? It's so "buy me!"
The manual is short but straight to the point with information and lots of tips to get you started.
Ah, the previous own marked his possession!! I wonder who S Scott was?
Codes to stop crackers? Well, maybe not but definitely to annoy legit buyers!

It's all new (to me)

I've never played any "Goblins" game so, this is all new to me. In the sequel, a demon king has kidnapped The Prince (who's a bit of a Buffoon) but the gruesome twosome will save the day: Fingus and Winkle. This is a unique "co-op" adventure and one I'm dying to boot up later today. [grab the floppy or hard drive downloads]

I wasn't sure what to expect when I booted it up. The look is unique and comical but it's also got characteristics of other point & click adventure games like, say, Lure Of The Temptress. I kinda wish I'd have been able to buy both of the Goblin games so I could check out the original, but, I guess I download will suffice. This looks incredible though and I'm excited to play it properly. For now, check out my screenshots from my first play...

Well, I think he's choking a chicken while a giant sleeps under a tree. Nice scene!

LOL Just look at the old dude in the window. Awesome artwork.

This game is certainly living up to my expectations. I'm having a blast playing this belter!!

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