Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Venus The Flytrap

Earth is dying because of mankind breeding like bacteria and a raping the planet of all its natural resources in order to serve our gluttony. The over-use of pesticides has finally killed off all the bugs and left mother nature rather unbalanced. Thankfully, the lab boys have come up with a last ditch attempt to save us all from their mess by creating cybernetic bugs to compensate our stupidity. Of course, they soon went postal and must now be eliminated before it's too late!

Whatever the story, this is a running kill 'em all platformer spread over fifty levels ranging from the green forests to Death Valley and much more. You're a mean-looking bug equipped with a cannon to fight off metallic foes, this can be upgraded using the power-ups left behind by those crazy insects. These consists of a wide range of improvements like better firepower, silly reversible controls, and even antigrav upside-down walking being possible - and that only serves to give me brain ache! Bonus rounds appear each way through a level and flip the game into an exciting shoot 'em up all played to grab yourself extra points and is very exciting.

Graphics are pretty darn beautiful with smooth scrolling, nicely animated sprites and it's worth noting all those many extra colours which spruce up what would normally have been a boring background. Music is perfect, something I can listen to all day and the sound effects aren't too shabby either. Controls are bang on perfect and this is what makes Venus a great game, with a style that is clean and responsive without every lagging. It can be a little repetitive at times but the gameplay is superbly balanced and so much fun with lots of interesting features. Overall, an extremely enjoyable platformer which has always been on my favourites list.


 - Here is a video which I record a while back. Don't expect a walk-through :p
 - I also recorded a midi version of the game's excellent theme tune!
 - However, a remastered version by ACC:Xess completely blows that out the water!
 - Okay, here is a hard drive installable copy of Venus by the mighty D-Bug to download.
 - Those that require a floppy disk image should check out Old Games Finder.
 - AtariMania has Venus The Flytrap listed within their ST database with scans of magazine reviews.
 - Fancy some level codes? Of course, you do! Simply press the SPACEBAR on the menu screen and then ignore using that handy keyboard because they decided that the joystick would be far better to enter in these codes:
     -> The Forbidden Forest - (starting level)
     -> The Frozen Wastes - MANTIDS
     -> The Dead City - CICADAS
     -> Wood World - PSYLLIDS
     -> The Kaverns - PIERIDS
     -> Death Valley - SATYRID
     -> The Creeping Swamp - LYCAENID
     -> Tech World - PYRALID
     -> Translucent Plain - NOCTUID
     -> The Stygian Creek - ?
 - I believe these cheat codes work fine, however, I have never tried them so YMMV... enjoy:
     -> extra time - JUPITER
     -> extra ammo - PLUTO
     -> weapons galore - MARS
     -> fly like superman - MERCURY
     -> unknown - SATURN