Sunday, December 06, 2015

The Ultimate Captive Guide

I recently bought Captive and anyone with half a brain knows this to be an awesome RPG game by Mindscape. The Ultimate Captive Guide is created by Pierre Fournier and is a dedicated website I'm sure you'll find extremely useful.

Captive's story is simple, you have been held a prisoner for a couple of hundred years for a crime you did not commit (the A-Team thought they had it bad) and, after such a long time, your freedom from the unjust hell is your only goal. Captive is an RPG not too dissimilar to the Dungeon Master ilk in which you play through a lovely 3D first person perspective. At first, I found the user interface a little confusing, especially when configuring and controlling the droids but it soon becomes second nature. To think that it's all done from inside a conveniently placed briefcase too! The graphics are excellent with beautifully drawn monsters that nicely add to the futuristic realism. Sound effects could have been a little more ambient but that doesn't spoil the captivating (sorry) atmosphere. Captive is truly amazing and will certainly eat away the spare hours. It's an experience to love living through, an outstanding RPG.


 - Here is the link for THE ULTIMATE CAPTIVE GUIDE website. Enjoy!
 - I've found a neat video which should help Captive newcomers tremendously.
 - TIDBIT : there are two versions of Captive. Visit Pierre's website to read all the differences but DMA audio was supported in the original release and then strangely dropped in the v1.2 update. How disappointingly odd.