Friday, October 07, 2016

Anarcho Ride

Anarcho Ride is a new "racer" for the Atari STe by the ever-zealous Thomas Ilg. Well, it's not really a racer at all. Sure, it looks the part but it's more of a smash 'n grab - think Carmageddon were head-on collisions gets you all the points need to go further in the game to see extra levels. I actually found it difficult to play at first because it's natural to try and avoid the other cars. Don't. When you're behind the wheel, the aim is to smash into every car you can and shoot the ones you might miss using a missile. The game is pure mechanical violence and it's totally insane!!

Graphics are good with my STe outputting a decent framerate. I liked the quirky styles of each level, even though I think it's odd to see my car "hovering". But perhaps that's just me still clinging onto the hope for a racing game? DMA sound effects are ace and accompanied by awesome chipmusic. This is how all games should sound!!

If you're looking for a racing game then look elsewhere. This isn't a racer whatsoever. This is a smash 'em up and we just happen to be in a car! Smashing stuff up is always great fun and Anarcho Ride proves that perfectly.

Download Anarcho Ride (+ expansions)

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