Sunday, January 29, 2017


It's been almost a year since I first mentioned news of Raiden under development for the Atari STe by none other than our favourite Frogger dude, Scott Clifford. Commitments forced this to be put on ice, but he's now restarted and with great progress for massive improvements! As you read this, he's starting the initial work behind enemy sprite routines and much more. This is an exciting update for the retro gaming world - watch this space!


 - Hardware scrolling is used for the entire screen - no status panel :-)
 - DMA hardware will be used for the playback of authentic arcade music!
 - The Blitter will be utilised for all the larger sprites.
 - Chip will be used for the sound effects without interfering with the music.
 - Support for the JagPad controller will also be implemented.
 - Please note that my video was recorded under emulation and performance was better on my real Atari STe!

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