Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Motor Massacre

Motor Massacre was released by Gremlin Graphics and feels like a wicked mix of a number of my favourite games. The action takes place in a grim post-apocalyptic future where each city is suffering from the devastation of war and resembles a Mad Max movie! All food stores were destroyed in the holocaust so people were starving until Doctor A. Noid came up with a substitute called "SLU" to help the waning populous...

Why are these masterminds always qualified doctors? Anyhow, it was all a trick because SLU tastes like poo and turns the people into zombies! So it's up to you to rescue the city from its psychotic drivers, explore buildings, and then battle in a demolition derby event to ultimately find the doctor and end this misery.

Yes, Motor Massacre is more than one single game: the cities are explored from the comfort of an ATV - top/down similar to Chicago 90 but when inside buildings, it changes to something like Time Bandit or Gauntlet.

Pandy's Pork Palace sounds a lot better than it actually is!

It's demolition derby time where we can shove other cars into the dark oblivion.

Driving around the city is tremendous fun because you are completely free to roam these streets and that also means blasting at anyone who might get in your way. All other drivers are out for blood and want you dead by any means and their road rage antics are vicious so defend yourself using your cannon fitted to your vehicle. Use this to blast the suckers into oblivion but also watch out for hazards such as oil spills and explosives carelessly left lying in the road. Do note the gun turrets which line many streets and are annoyingly highly accurate.

An interesting "mechanic" is how your vehicle's appearance alters the more damage it endures, so I'm grateful the holocaust didn't destroy the repair shops which also offer a wide range of other services like fuel, weapons, and ammo. The mechanic working here scares me, but I like his T-shirt! There are some more places and these offer a good opportunity to collect goods like weapons and health, so look out for their location using the road markings (Pandy's Pork Palace is available right from the start and contains a handy ATV upgrade).

The mechanic is freaky. It's almost on a Chucky level here... shudder...!!

However, we need him because the roads in the future are just terrible.

You soon discover that these various places are thriving with ghouls and other creatures lurking in the shadows. Nowhere is safe, but you're armed with a pistol so shoot first and ask questions later! Keep searching these areas and you should find an arena pass to the demolition derby. This event is pure Carmageddon and nothing beats pushing your opponents into a chasm! Success here, grants you access to the next city.

Visually, this is a basic affair with crude graphics and jerky scrolling to match. However, I must admit being mightily impressed with the animation of the running men which oddly reminded me of Impossible Mission. Sadly, the sound effects are as poor as the visuals but, let's be honest, when did aesthetics matter to gameplay?

Motor Massacre is crude but plays like a beast and is very challenging. This racing adventure is bursting at the seams with action and I have really enjoyed zipping around the city looking for my next victim. Each part of this game is fantastic and so addictive in its own unique way and keeps dragging you back for one more game.

Mel Gibson wannabes can download the floppy disk and tear up the roads like Mad Max!

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