Friday, January 20, 2017

Harris Went Skiing

Today we rewind the clocks all the way to 1982 for a skiing adventure with the odd looking 8-bit hero, Horace. Not wanting to upset Psion, he changed his name to Harris for his Atari ST appearance, all thanks to a couple of brothers calling themselves OllySoft. Anyone old enough to remember the original will feel right at home with Harris who is once again looking to enjoy a skiing trip. However, it's not started off well... Harris finds himself in a pickle as he didn't bring along any skis so must hire from the resort - who built their shop on the wrong side of a busy highway!

The graphics and sounds are quite close to the original but (an ST nutter) I admit nothing beats the authenticity of the original. Playing the Frogger screen is a little too easy in comparison to what I remember and simply waiting for a large gap in the traffic allows Harris to run across the road in one go! The skiing part is great and with many obstacles to avoid. Once the skiing is finished, somebody robs you and you are sent back to the start to repeat it over.

OllySoft has done a great job with Harris Went Skiing and playing "Horace" again has certainly brought back lots of warm and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia. Highly recommended for everyone old enough to have played the original.


 - Serenade #47 features Harris along with lots more cool STuff, thanks to Stonish.
 - Harris can be found on Automation #345 which is available using Old Games Finder.
 - OllySoft comprised of two brothers, Steve & Stu who developed five Atari ST games. Ignoring Harris, each are lame and rather tasteless but I imagine they had lots of fun making them. All games can be found using Old Games Finder but whether you want to bother is another the question! Good luck with :
     * Who Maimed Roger Rabbit - Imagine Operation Wolf but set in the President Trump's backyard which is overrun by rabbits! A successful hit turns those cute rabbits into a bloody mess of gore. It's quite fun, if repetitive.
     * SubHunt - a pointless two player game with a hidden easter egg!!
     * Ayatollah Invaders - An endless supply of angry ayatollah dudes running down your screen and into the path of your tank. It's mind-numbingly boring but I must admit, those somersault deaths are actually very cool.
     * Motorway Death - It's time to lower the bar even further to play hit and run! People appear glued to the road, so drive into them and watch blood splatter as their bodies spin off into the air. Funny... well... for a few seconds!

Who Maimed Roger Rabbit
Ayatollah Invaders
Motorway Death

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