Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Head Over Heels

Going back to my Your Sinclair days!

I stumbled upon Head Over Heels by pure chance today. It's been donkey's years since I played this on my old ZX Spectrum and seeing it again is a heartwarming reminder of my 8-bit days. However, I shockingly cannot remember completing this tough isometric adventure and I certainly don't ever recall playing the Atari ST version!

Head Over Heels is far more complex than it first appears, two characters who each have their own skillset solve the puzzles. It's superb to see this again after all these years and anyone that loves the "filmation" genre will surely be in heaven. The graphics are Spec-tacular with superb details and more colour than my old rubber Speccy could ever have dreamt of. A huge and intriguing adventure offering many sleepless nights!

AtariMania features this within the ST database including an interesting tidbit too! Download Head Over Heels from 8BitChip as this supports a trainer and hard drive installation. Also, here is an extremely interesting website for the ZX Spectrum version with maps, videos, and more which should prove helpful.

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