Thursday, January 26, 2017

Operation Garfield

I've been browsing through the Floppyshop archives again and this time stumbled upon an Operation Wolf inspired shooter called Operation Garfield. Developed by Dave Brankin, it sparked my curiosity because of its support for the enhanced hardware of the Atari STe with DMA samples and Blitted graphics. I'm always extra eager to see a piece of software for the underappreciated Super ST but I do also admit to being a little sceptical about a Garfield theme!

Once again aliens are invading Earth but this time has decided to strangely disguise themselves as the lazy cat from a TV show. Why? Because they have watched our broadcasts and felt that we would forgive them if they were cute and cuddly invaders. Yep, the storyline is a stretch but it's quite humorous and whatever works, right? Gameplay takes place across a cityscape littered with invading Garfield's, all of whom enjoy firing bucket loads of rockets your way!! The mouse is used for all controls: aiming and to shoot the invaders and their rockets. There's also a near-useless Defender-style map that hopes to locate the baddies, but I didn't care for it. There are some neat touches like ammo caches (which I found by accident), smart bombs, and a little England flag in the distance!

I gotta credit David Brankin who created this Atari STe game because he was sick and tired of the commercial companies ignoring the enhanced so he's utilised the Blitter for sprites and 8-way scrolling, along with DMA samples. This puts to shame most of the commercial software houses of the time. However, I fear the gameplay has little to offer other than a simple (yet gratifying) Garfield-killing spree. The difficulty is extraordinarily high so rarely did I get the chance to fully appreciate much - before dying. Operation Garfield isn't to be taken seriously and provides nothing more than a few minutes of stress-busting gun love killing that annoying fat cat. Now that I did enjoy!!


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