Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lupo Alberto

Late last night I came across an interesting post on AtariAge by Philsan concerning an unreleased game called Lupo Alberto. It's a platformer which, I think, is based on a European comic or perhaps a TV series... Well, after 25 years it finally gets to see the light of day! The graphics are really nice with a cartoon-colourful design. The silly sprites are just too cute, come on - just look at those chickens!! However, it's a push-scrolling platformer and that rarely ever works. I expect that's the reason it was never released when you only need to look at so many other Atari ST games. Also, being unfinished means they never got to make a tune and a fudge one was added, which is superb.

The lack of scrolling is a disappointment but I think it is great that an Atari ST game has been found after all these years. In fact, it's 10000x better than great!!! Okay, I think I should load up Lupo Alberto and have a good play tonight!


 - I just had to record a quick video for y'all :-)
 - Download this from Philsan's post on AtariAge forums.
 - AtariMania has Lupo Alberto listed within their ST database website - with a download!