Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lupo Alberto

Late last night I came across an interesting post by Philsan on AtariAge concerning an unreleased game called Lupo Alberto. This is a platformer which, I think, is based on a European comic or a TV show? Well, after 25 years of existing in unreleased hell, the ST version finally gets to see the light of day!

Graphics are nice with a gorgeous cartoon design with cute sprites - just look at those chickens!! However, it lacks scrolling and the mechanics of the game demand that instead of push-scrolling which could easily have been done, just look throughout the catalogue of great games. With this in mind, it still plays good enough but I found some of the jumps rather tricky because of the push scrolling methods. Okay, I cannot say it's up there with the best, but it's great to see something recovered after many years and it definitely warrants some of your gaming time tonight. Play it.


 - I had to record a video for y'all but it's best experienced outside of YouTube and on a real Atari.
 - Downloads are available via Philsan's post on AtariAge forums and also AtariMania.