Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jumpers for goalposts

Team is a sports game released in 1995 by Impact Software for the Atari STE and they made full use of the enhanced hardware often ignored by most other commercial gaming companies. However, that won't automatically mean a great game so how does it play?

Well, I feel a little unqualified to judge Team but from what I have played, I wasn't impressed or a new convert. Okay, I enjoyed belting it around the pitch and having a kick about, which was great fun, however, not knowing the game's technicalities stopped me from progressing. Interestingly, there is a friendly mode which displays off much of the game's styles and playability, like passing, tactics, etc which is pretty cool. Like so many games released in the twilight years, it's a pleasure to see Team making full use of the enhancements: extra colours, hardware scrolling, Blitter and DMA audio. It's difficult to see, in either the video recording or the image above, but overscan is used and it drastically increases the playable area. The player sprites are strangely quite small but all movements are fast and fluid. Sound effects are a little sparse which is strange when you consider that the game is supposed to be taking place in a stadium filled with thousands of people. It desperately needs a background effect! Thankfully, the music is superb with tracker routines created by a familiar name to the Atari ST demoscene - GRIFF of Electronic Images!

Overall, I had lots of fun with Team and this shocked me considering I'm not a fan of soccer. Whether it's better than Kick Off or Sensible Soccer, I do not know but I certainly enjoyed playing Team. Give it a kick about for yourself!


 - Download Team from 8bitchip which has been adapted for hard drive installation
 - AtariMania features Team in their ST database
 - Here is a video recording I made!
 - Team's author, Ralph Lovesy, was interviewed for Maggie #16