Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cyber Antics!

The assorted "Cyber" packages released in the 1980s by Antic Software where some of the most creative applications for the Atari ST. I always remember being mesmerised by the 3D modelling that was often being demonstrated by the magazines. The work of magicians, no doubt!

Laughably, I also remember having a dabble in Cyber Paint but my artistic gene must surely have been DoA (although I did have a play with NEOchrome and FlairPaint to create my own Dragon's Lair work - sadly long since lost). Much later in the ST's lifetime, these apps were released on magazine cover disks and I have such "fond memories" of pushing my mental capabilities to the limits with Cyber Studio CAD-3D. It looked so easy from those articles...! There is no denying that the Antic catalogue is rich and deep in the ST's history. You should be further impressed when you realise Autodesk owes its roots to these old Fuji apps. Interesting ancestry when you think about - thank you Atari ST. So why am I talking about these warez that bamboozled me?

Martin Doudoroff has written an awesome article called "The Antic Cyber Graphics Software". It's certainly an interesting read with fascinating a detail of history and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

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