Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ghost Battle

Typically, a Thalion oozes a superior level of graphical and audio quality which we have all come to expect from the boys of the demoscene (or is that #demoscne?). Strangely, of all the mighty Thalion games ever released for the Atari ST/e, I don't think that I've ever played Ghost Battle. Very odd, because I'm such a fan of the platformer genre and it reminds me of Ghouls And Ghosts, Risky Woods, Stormlord or maybe a tickle of the Shadow Of The Beast?

Ghost Battle turns you into a stereotypical muscle-bound hero who needs to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend that was recently whisked away by a giant hand. Yes, a giant hand! So be prepared to travel through some of the most beautiful words, artistic masterpieces, with one ultimate goal and that is to kill everything in your wake. The control mechanics first feel a little wooden and will take many attempts to master. Sometimes they are plain awkward and I instead found myself avoiding some of the baddies which actually worked out rather well...

Aesthetically, a beautiful game but its gameplay which always matters and, sadly I think many people will play a few games and then give up. Which is a shame because Ghost Battle offers a captivating adventure once you've got over the awkward controls. It's not the best but stick with it and you'll have a brilliant platformer to enjoy, I promise.


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