Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Overscan Invaders

Overscan Invaders was released in 1994 by Janet Dean under the esteemed semi-pro Budgie UK licenceware label.

A two-dimensional alien invasion that features a mothership frequently flying by to check on her troops as you're blasting them all to smithereens using a cannon which can only be reloaded once the previous shot has hit its target or disappeared off-screen.

Hmm, it sounds lame but, as the name suggests, this is obviously Space Invaders with a twist - you play within overscan, a feature not normally exploited by the gaming scene. It also includes a number of other improvements to stop it from being a predictable invaders clone - there are lots of improved dandy graphics with double the number of on-screen colours, and authentic retro sound effects. Plus the title screen is humorous with cool music and I can sit there all day watching it, but I'm odd and have been told often that I need help!

This is Space Invaders, but it's superb to see a game pushing the hardware with some cool technical wizardry. Gameplay is what matters and, even with all the bells and whistles, it still has an authentic feel and is a bucket load of addictive old skool fun. One of the better clones I have played and I’m sure all Invader fans will enjoy this version.


 - Heck, I recorded a youtube video for y'all to enjoy!
 - Overscan Invaders came on a floppy disk which is linked via Old Games Finder.