Friday, July 24, 2015

Prophecy I - The Viking Child

Viking Child is the tale of a young boy called Brian who is thrown into an adventure that takes him through several medieval lands in search of his friends. He needs to rescue them from the clutches of the evil demigod, Loki. Now, it might look spookily familiar to a console gamer but don't be put off, this is a great Atari ST game in its own right.

There are a humungous 16 levels of platforming fun to plunder with 8 bosses to battle long before you even think of reaching Loki. Walk and leap over all obstacles and use your weapon to kill anything that looks likely to hurt you. After a monster is slain, coins are left behind to be used as currency in the local power-up store which offers better weapons and the usual assortment of goodies. I love the fire weapon but I first advise that you upgrade your main weapon - a dagger. Sadly, this I fear is far too short so upgrade it as soon as possible for something bigger!

Graphics are excellent with super-smooth scrolling proving yet again that the STFM is more than capable when in the hands of a talented programmer. I love its gorgeous cartoon-like scenery and the sprites are well detailed, even if the animation is humble. Sound effects work great but you can exchange those for excellent chiptunes if desired.

Viking Child is a creative and technical masterpiece. What it lacks in originality is more than made up for in playability. Entertaining, interesting and challenging gameplay throughout with aesthetics to drool over! This is a cracking game and you soon realise why it's one of my favourite platformers on the Atari ST. I highly recommend this one, folks!!

Download Brian's adventure from 8BitChip to install onto your hard drive but those who require the floppy disk images can grab 'em from Old Games Finder. Here are a few level codes to skip your way forward: Forest level: DENIS<E> / Landbridge: THE BLIZ / Labyrinth: SHARKMAN / The Desert: NYMHARSW. Enjoy yourselves!!


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