Monday, December 07, 2015


Satan has been a bad boy again and has turned the world on its head so it's our job to reverse his dastardly deeds before it's too late. You are Percius and fly the globe on a mythical horse called (wait for it) Pegasus and our adventure is split into two parts. A shoot 'em up has you flying on Pegasus and also a platformer where Percius is free to unleash his own hell using a rather large sword (it flips between these two gaming modes throughout).

The shoot 'em up parts are exciting and challenging, just imagine something like an R-Type but on horseback and you've got a general idea. Collect the crystals left behind from a kill to enhance your weaponry and there are also awesome power-ups to use. Plus you control Pegasus, a flying horse, how freaky cool is that? Graphics and sounds are a little bland but the scrolling is smooth and it plays well.

The platform levels follow and these are probably my personal favourites. Collect the crystals and kill baddies once again... but it plays good and scrolls along nicely to keep up with the action. Sadly, once again, it's a little bland in the audio department and needed far more enemies for better action.

Each stage is fun to play but it fails to stand out from the crowd. I fear Pegasus is a lazy port because it needs excitement, music and pizzazz sound effects so feels somewhat flat, which is a shame. The potential is staggering yet Gremlin didn't feel like getting the best from the Atari ST. An okay game but there are far better to choose from.


 - Download Pegasus from the D-Bug and 8BitChip, both with hard drive support.
 - Floppy disks versions can be found using Old Games Finder.
 - You need to cheat? Then press P on the title screen and type in this code: FRUITBAT
          -> use the arrow keys to select your starting level.
          -> F1 for extra lives.
          -> F2 to select a power-up.
          -> F3 for an extra special weapon shot.
          -> F5 advance a level.
          -> F7 for a nifty shield.
 - To view the greetings, enter this code as a password on the title screen: CATFOOD.

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