Monday, December 21, 2015


Sometimes you need a release from this strange world we have created for ourselves. Preferably a good crack at something exciting and downright enjoyable for an hour or two? Well, today I did just that with SWIV, an exceptional shoot ‘em up released in 1991 by Storm.

I absolutely blasted the living daylights out of those military bad boys using my big chopper. What a cracking game this is and extremely well made too. I then went one further and recorded a video (emulation) for this little feature but it was then that I noticed Swiv felt a little slower compared to a real Atari ST. Also, the sound effect under emulation wasn't as pronounced, which I thought was very odd. Nothing compares to a real computer but I was still shocked to notice such a difference in quality. SWIV is excellent, certainly, an ageless shooter and I recommend you grab a copy of Klaz becuase this supports installation to hard drive, cheats and more. Of course, 8BitChip has an equally excellent download you should play with Old Games Finder having all the floppy images.

And just for giggles... Only moments ago, my hard drive started to make a strange whirring noise, almost like it was trying to spin-up but couldn't. I think SWIV killed it but I cannot complain because it was the original drive and therefore about 24 years old. Now that is value for money, folks!