Thursday, December 24, 2015

Stario's Christmas

I wanted to feature something a little bit Christmassy for the festive season and what better than Stario's Christmas which is set within a lovely winter wonderland. Top Byte released this cracker back in 1996 and it must surely rank as one of the last commercial Atari ST games? Quite the sobering thought, but cheer up because Stario's Christmas is a game that needs playing whilst we await the arrival of bearded big man in red :-)

Following on from the extremely moreish Super Stario Land, it looks we are heading back again into ripoff land for more platforming goodness. Yep, it sure looks and plays similar to a certain other game with an Italian plumber and if you enjoyed that, you should enjoy this also. Gameplay is a delight with controls that are both easy and responsive making this seasonal scroller lots of fun as you jump your way through the levels. Sound effects are pretty chirpy and suit the style, but if you press F9 then music will instead play by Big Alec! Visually, sprites are small by ST standards but the characters are lovely and comical with landscapes that scroll by beautifully smooth at 50fps.

Stario's Christmas is pretty much "more of the same" but within a new wintery theme. This is no bad thing because it also a great game offering more platforming mayhem through some of the silliest environments and squashing lots of odd-looking baddies. An awesome game to play over the holidays and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! †