Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fernandez Must Die

If ever there was a game that reminded me of the old A-Team episodes when they would drug Mr.T and fly off to South America, then it's Fernandez Must Die! ImageWorks gave us Fernandez Must Die back in 1988 and it's a Commando / Ikari Warriors clone designed specifically to unleash your hidden combat soldier fetish.

Just like in the tv show, an evil dictator is causing havoc however the A-Team have failed to drug the big guy, so you're on your own. Thankfully you're a tough nut with unlimited machine gun ammo! This is a war zone with bullets flying in every direction whilst enemy soldiers are constantly advancing on your location which creates steadfast gameplay. Need a more powerful weapon for those tanks or trains, then press and hold that fire button to use a rocket launcher. Oddly it has no effect on the buildings so it's a good job you carry dynamite! Walk up to an entrance and you will hear a beep - timer set - don't stand too close before it goes BOOM! Especially useful on ammunition depots or a to gain an extra life from a security vault. You can also drive vehicles that you find so why not mow down a few enemy soldiers along your way? Oh boy, this game is so much fun. You getting that from me?

Basically, all hell has broken loose & that means lots of frantic gunplay within a vertically scrolling warzone. Graphically, its style is very 80s with neat cartoon-like visuals that are both clean and crisp with smooth scrolling. Sound effects are as you would expect with your gun blasting everything and there are also various sampled sound effects too, which are just dandy! If I was forced to pointing out any negatives then I would mention the enemy whom blindly roam, aimlessly shooting, it's their overwhelming number that helps to create the challenge.

I'm so glad I bought this game and if I was to sum it up in just one word, then that word would be FUN. Fernandez Must Die might very well have zero originality but makes up for that with a bucket load of fun and that's what matters!


 - You know I made a video and one demonstrating extreme gaming talent!
 - Download from D-Bug who have made a superb version, also installable to hard drive.
 - Fancy a cheat? Then simply hit pause and type in "SPINYNORMAN" for extra lives :-)