Wednesday, December 30, 2015

R-Type Deluxe

R-Type for the Atari STe anyone?

An early beta of the new R-Type Deluxe has been released at STNICCC. This is a game that means so much to me for a couple of reasons: one, because it's such a fantastic shoot 'em up and two, my parents bought me R-Type for my 17th birthday. In fact, it was the last computer game they ever bought me! Yikes O_o

This new Deluxe version has been developed by Stephen Jones, aka Bod and isn't merely a lame Amiga port. Nope, this upgrade has been specifically designed for the Atari STe and makes full use of the enhanced bits and bobs lurking within this beast: Blitter co-processor, hardware scrolling and of course, DMA effects/music.

The pictures you see here were kindly sent to me by Stephen and I have also recorded a YouTube video for y'all to drool over. Today has been awesome and I've enjoyed playing R-Type Deluxe - for several hours. Please remember this is a Work In Progress. (update). Well, it's high time I stopped writing and played more!!


Update July 24th - I know this file is already on Atari-Forum but here is my backup of Stephen's precious R-Type Deluxe source code. I'm keeping it safe until another programmer decides to finish his work. Or at least update it in some way... <download>

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