Wednesday, December 30, 2015

R-Type Deluxe

An early beta of the new R-Type Deluxe has been released at STNICCC. This is a game that means so much to me for a couple of reasons: it's such a great shoot 'em up and my parents bought me this for my 17th birthday!

This new Deluxe version isn't merely a lame Amiga port but one designed to make use of the extra hardware lurking inside the Atari STe. This means the Blitter, hardware scrolling and stereo sounds. The pictures you see here were kindly sent to me by Stephen and I have also recorded a video for y'all to drool over! (from the previous beta)

Today has been an awesome day as I've played R-Type Deluxe for several hours and loved every second of it! Please remember, this is a Work In Progress. Well, its high time I stopped writing and played some more...


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