Monday, December 14, 2015

Oh No, robot monsters!!

Winner for best title must surely go to Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters. What a cool name and, I'm sure you will agree, it is such an iconic arcade game from the era. Full to the brim with originality and frantic metallic mayhem!

Evil reptilons are hellbent on destroying us and have also taken hold of Planet X. They have captured and enslaved the human population forcing them to build a massive robot army for an invasion. This ain't good and it sure ain't right, so enter Jake and Duke, two mighty heroes to save us all. Okay, the plan is very simple: destroy as many metal mickey robots as you can, violently trash all computers, rescue the girls, and save the day. Curiously, the girls all appear to be wearing very little clothing whilst they are enslaved but whatever works, right?

Robot Monsters is played in a similar fashion to most other overhead games with a 3D isometric point of view. Imagine a pinch Buck Rogers mixed in with a dollop of Gauntlet or Dr. Who and you get a general idea. Your main goal is to rescue the humans but don't forget about those held in stasis pods! All this is going on whilst Planet X produced tons of robots to hinder your progress & ultimately put an end to your sorry carbon-based life. From the start, you discover that the bad guys are relentless because factories are constantly making them, so expect no easy pass through this hoard of metal mickeys. Keep moving, keep firing and try to avoid them whenever possible (they're stupid and will often get stuck behind obstacles). Along the way are various traps designed specifically for us soft fleshy humans, like sharp spikes, rotating chunks of metal and electric floor panels that will shock you silly. There are also simple objectives to advance through the current level, like flipping switches that activate escalators.

The robots come in a variety of models and I love those slow moving biscuit-looking ones, they are quite cute! The red robots are annoyingly fast compared to your own movements, so beware. Almost always, there is a screen of daft robots running on their evil programming and they hate you so enjoy killing the suckers with your laser and zap them back into junk. However, you don't really want to run around frantically zapping everything as your weapon will become less effective. Thankfully, it can be charged with the little green blobs of energy that dead robots usually leave behind. Also, we have bombs - just hit the shift key and they detonate straight away killing anything within your vicinity. Be careful because they may not hurt you but will easily kill the humans you're supposed to be rescuing...

Every few levels is a canal stage where you travel along in your spaceship all in the name of extra bonuses, not essential to your progress and a little lame! Better is meeting the big Reptilon boss which first seems an impossible task but there is a cunning way to avoid it with a few bombs and a little joystick waggling! Robot Monsters is demented and I love its comical personality, great characters, and exciting playability. An extraordinary game!


- A download is available from the mighty D-Bug's which can also be installed to hard drive.
- But for those which require a floppy disk image just use Old Games Finder.
- Yes, I recorded an awesome video for your viewing pleasure!