Sunday, July 31, 2016

Big Nose The Caveman

Big Nose is a fella from prehistoric times when it was perfectly normal to live in cave squalor. However, once a year he and his family strangely celebrate Thanksgiving and that means only one thing, a yummy Pterodactyl roast dinner. Fortunately, one was spotted flying by, so your Jurassic journey takes you through dangerous dinosaur-infested lands looking for that tasty bird. Kill, cook and eat it with your fellow big-nosed family.

Code Masters released this humble platformer back in 1993 and it's simply a case of clubbing anything that looks likely to cause you harm, make lots of jumps and then fight a lame end of level bosses. Controls are excellent, very responsive and with precise movement. I love the cartoon-like graphics but what I don't like are the bland backgrounds which desperately need a splash of rasters! Sound effects are sparse unless you jump or hit something but thankfully, the title music is fantastic so is an incredible shame that it doesn't play during the game...

Big Nose is a great budget platformer which certainly cannot compare to many other Atari ST platformers. It looks a little boring and is easy to complete with little challenge from those end of level guardians. However, it's always fun to play and that's what matters the most. I'm sure you can complete this within a couple of hours but I find myself still having good things to say. Yes, I have really enjoyed playing Big Nose The Caveman!

Okay... it's a little plain jane.. and it sounds drab.. plus it's far too easy.. BUT it's a bucket load of fun and I really enjoyed it. I think you should play this so grab it either for floppy or hard drive. Finally, here's a nifty little spoiler alert: this is how you can zip through the first two levels real quick: Level ONE and Level TWO - but why rush...?


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