Thursday, July 14, 2016


It is with great sadness that I have to inform you all of the death of Stephen Jones, aka Bod of demo groups STAX and Effect. More recently he was the gentleman behind the Atari STE game R-Type Deluxe, an eagerly anticipated game which was highly regarded to be the biggest thing for years. This demonstrated to the entire retro gaming world just what the Atari STe was capable of when programmed by somebody with talent and the dedication of Stephen.

I remember talking to him last year and he kindly supplied several screenshots of his progress for R-Type Deluxe. I was excited to feature them on the little known AtariCrypt, it was so nice of him and I'll never forget that.

His commitment to the Atari ST scene is featured on Demozoo where you can view his entire Fuji portfolio. It's extremely impressive, to say the least. A great loss. Prayers and best wishes to his family at this time †

Update July 24th -
I know this file is already on Atari-Forum but here is my backup of Stephen's precious R-Type Deluxe source code. Keeping it safe until another programmer takes on the task of completing it. <download>

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