Sunday, July 03, 2016


I was recently reading through Atari ST Review #32 and I came upon an interesting tidbit for a public domain tool called PowerDOS. I had never previously heard of this but it sounded interesting and potentially very useful.

The slowest part of any computer is the hard drive and, whilst this might not matter quite as much for Ultrasatan, there is still a benefit to using this. PowerDOS is for GEMDOS what NVDI / QuickST / Warp9 are for the VDI components of TOS. This means all those inefficient bits 'n bobs which go together to make up the disk operating system are replaced by "newer" routines. This will improve overall system performance (TOS) and also adds a few new features within a multitasking environment. It even comes bundled with lots of system utilities also.

Installation is as simple as copying the program into your AUTO folder and rebooting. I'm using TOS 2.06 and had issues with NVDI which is a shame but everything else worked fine. The speed improvements are most welcome, for example, try loading up CAB or JAM (with all their plugins enabled). Sweet!!

I do love to tinker with my Atari ST and utilities like PowerDOS I find darn amazing. Give it a try and see how you get on - let me know! Download links available from Atari-Forum (with credit to Mark_G and bj)

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