Sunday, July 24, 2016

Enchanted Land

We are Kurgan the magician, who dresses like a weird and odd-looking Santa! He must retrieve the lost magic from the lands of Damiran and will need to battle all kinds of cutesy creatures through five lovely levels in order to restore things back to how they were. I have always considered Enchanted Lands to be an Atari ST showcase developed by the legendary Carebears who showed the world just what our favourite 16-Bit computer is capable of producing.

However, this is one of the hardest platformers I have ever played and it's how the game ultimately fails. We all love a challenge but this is ridiculous - the mechanics are so unforgiving. Just wait until you meet those jumping critters or the spiders, which are often annoyingly placed just off-screen, thus will suddenly appear when you get close and zap away your precious energy. Level one is incredibly hard but perfectly introduces you to the game’s wicked ways. I struggled to complete it before seeing the technical delights of the second stage, which are tremendous. Sadly, this is also hampered by unfair mechanics and therefore needs to be played over and over, if only we had more lives...

Visually, this game is a Christmas cracker!! Hundreds of beautiful colours, gorgeous sprites and eye-popping 50fps scrolling which is such a joy to experience. Musically, it is breathtaking and the sound effects also do their job perfectly. There is only one word for the audio and visuals - beautiful because my ears and eyes can find no faults!

Enchanted Land desperately needs a trainer and, even then, you will spend aeons trying to master its cunning nature. I personally think its difficulty level could sink the Titanic and this overkill sadly spoils what could have been an outstanding platformer. Technically, it's a masterpiece but there are better games to play on the Atari ST.


 - 8BitChip to have a hard disk installable game with the floppies found via Old Games Finder.
 - Okay, it's time to cheat your way through this cruel platformer:
          -> On the title screen, type in, "TCB RULES FOREVER" and the screen flashes to show its worked okay.
          -> Now you can press keys 1 - 5 to pick a different level.
          -> Also, pressing F2 - F10 for lots of different effects. Enjoy!

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