Wednesday, July 12, 2017

wave upon wave

There are many amazing artists out there and I've always had a soft spot for the guys that make up the incredible YM Rockerz. So here is the wonderful compilation called "wave upon wave" which they released 17 years ago! It features several tracks by their awesome musicians: 505, D-Force, Dma-Sc, Tao, Lotek Style and Milhouse.

It's impossible to pick a favourite, but I do love Shifter by Tao which you can listen to by clicking on the GEM green arrow. Check out the YM Rockerz website ... I think that I'm going to listen to "Seven" again tonight :-)

Wave Upon Wave by YM Rockerz [demozoo download]

505 - Music
D-Force - Music
Dma-Sc - Music, Text
Exocet - Graphics
MC Laser - Graphics (ASCII), Music, Text
Milhouse - Music, Text
Tao - Code, Music

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