Wednesday, July 05, 2017


First impressions

There are so many different boot sector programs that add cool fx onto a floppy. This helps to prevent virus infections but we all love the dazzling effects and some are technically amazing! Bootblock by The Fingerbobs is one of my favourites programs that writes a number of boot sectors and the one above is Bladerunners. Which is ace!!

Credits: Bootblock was coded by Oberje of Fingerbobs with music by Jochen Hippel.

There are lots of great boot sectors to choose from and I love finding awesome programs like this. There are more lurking out there somewhere in ST Land. Let me know in the comments below what programs you've found...


  1. Hmm, I count 37 colours there. Nice effect!

  2. There is a fido dido bootsector which was cool. And the lemmings one too

    1. Fido Dido?? You know any links to grab these? Thanks