Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hard 'n' Heavy

Hard 'n' Heavy follows on from Giana Sisters in true sequel fashion to offer more Mario-like levels to run and jump through. However, the official release was a poor conversion with awful flip-scrolling so it was a rubbish game that is probably best forgotten. Please, a scrolling platformer needs to SCROLL!! But that's where the bad history lesson ends and good news begins! Peter Putnik has developed an improved version that features smooth as silk scrolling because it has been designed to take advantage of each model of Atari ST. Hardware scrolling is used on the Atari STe and the Blitter within Mega STs (incl later STFM models - many have a Blitter or a hungry socket).

Hard 'n' Heavy obviously looks and certainly feels like Giana Sisters revisited so if you didn't like that then you may as well look elsewhere right now. Walk and hop your way through 25 levels, shooting baddies and destroying blocks searching for the bonuses and access to hidden levels. Special weapons are activated using the spacebar and we even have an optional flamethrower, which I hate no matter how much I try to like it!! Also available is a two-player feature, with various game types, but I cannot comment more because I've no friends [boohoo].

Overall, this is superb and I'm sure any Giana Sisters fan will love what is basically more of the same with a few bells and whistles. Peter has done incredibly well and this is how the commercial game should have been - just make sure you play it on a real Atari. Now, I still prefer Giana Sisters but this is really enjoyable and highly recommended.

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