Tuesday, July 02, 2019

The Seven Gates Of Jambala

It's been ages since I posted any box art so let's end this dry run with something from my ST shelf... The Seven Gates Of Jambala was released in 1989 by Grandslam thanks to lots of talented sceners from Thalion. I actually bought this a few years ago and paid handsomely too. Not only is it Thalion, but it was sealed so in pristine condition: opening it was immense especially when I got close and breathed in that trapped 80s air... Mmm!!

There are some big names associated with this platformer, which I'm sure many will recognise from the ST's demo scene. These talented sceners sure knew how to get the most from the ST to prove just what this awesome machine was capable of when programmed by people who didn't make excuses and got this beast to grunt hard!

I must admit, its box design is kinda hit and miss: I like those monsters in the foreground but that freaky idiot inside the archway is lame - so makes me want to reach for my shotgun!! Having said that, the 3D perspective is nice... Well, I finally have a Thalion title in my collection and one which proudly takes its place on my ST shelf.

Sadly, as with Enchanted Land, this is another game which looks and sounds a lot better than it actually plays. Don't get me wrong, the basic mechanics are quite good but there's something off... I've never liked the feel of the momentum and slippy floors, especially when at the edge of a tight platform. Yes, I'm probably being too cruel because, unlike the above-mentioned game, this is better to play and therefore a lot easier to explore to see more of what it offers. What a shame I usually get lost! 

I'll probably make a video for a review at some point? But if you fancy trying it for yourself then I suggest downloading this version by Klaz which runs off either floppy or hard drive and includes a trainer. You'll need that trainer...


We begin in a village but beware the threat of drowning in tiny purple puddles!

Where could these doors possibly take us? Let's knock and find out...

Woo!! It's really creepy down here and there are monsters too. Watch out!

The tunnels reminded me of No Buddies Land! You can find THAT on this website too :o)

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