Sunday, July 02, 2017


When the circus came to town it was boring and not nearly as good as Arnold thought, so he threw a pie at one of the clowns. Unfortunately, these clowns aren't known for having a good sense of humour and started chasing him. There's only one thing left to do... No, we aren't running off to tell Mum, we're gonna throw even more pies!!

Each screen represents a tent from the circus with an invading army of clowns who look more like jelly monsters dressed up as Ronald McDonald! They're insane and wander frantically waving their arms and chucking juggling pins. This invasion will last forever but the pies won't so look for the open door to another tent full of a fresh stock - and many more clowns. Throwing a mud pie will see them flying off the screen and multiple hits score you extra points. Try not to get yourself trapped in a corner otherwise, you might receive a juggling pin knockout blow!

Gotta love that title screen and ohhh just take a look at the high score table!! ;-)

Challenge rooms are a little different to the standard tents because they have no mud pies but lots of clowns to avoid whilst you try to pick up a prize worth 1000 points. Also, every 20,000 points, a secret door will magically appear for the chance to enter into a Mudslinging Round where you have 30 seconds to throw pies at wandering clowns!!

Don't clown about too much and get yourself hit. If you do, two medics appear with a stretcher and carry you off to the first aid tent. Only three times can this happen before it's game over but a freebie visit is awarded for every 10,000 points scored. A health meter is displayed top/left of the screen and is split into three segments with the middle one enabling you to run very fast. However, this speed is reduced if you become too hungry or if you've over-faced on burgers and fries. So try to keep your health a nice happy medium throughout for maximum agility.

Just imagine the look on today's kids when you show 'em 1985 gaming. They won't get it! 

Graphically, this isn't exactly stressing our Atari ST in the slightest. But remember that is was developed and released back in 1985 before programmers and artists knew how to push the best 16-Bit computer. Having said that, it's got a certain Charley Chuck charm to it and, being a gamer since the early 1980s, I kinda love its retro look if I'm brutally honest. Spot sound effects are okay but it is best to leave the music on. Again, this isn't anything near the quality we would expect but it's surprisingly enjoyable. I swear, I love how this game sounds and looks.

Mudpies is terribly good fun which features frantic gameplay taking you all the way back to those innocent 8Bit days. You know, there isn't a lot to this simple game but I've had so much fun slinging mud pies at clowns because that is incredibly entertaining. Grab a piece of this old skool action on either floppy or hard drive. Enjoy!!

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