Friday, July 21, 2017


Being the Grand Wizard's novice magician, we are eager to learn the ropes but quick to make silly mistakes, like losing his precious scrolls and phials! Now we must travel parallel worlds and retrieve as many as possible, so have your trusty magic wand at the ready because this is going to be a unique adventure you're unlikely to forget.

In Mystical, everyone is out to get us and we will battle hoards of the strangest creatures - Buzzards, Sheppard's who throw sheep, faithless Monks, reptiles, farmers, annoying little girls, Vikings, walking trees, and so much more. These amazing characters are the best part of this tripped-out silly game and there is such a stunning variety too. However, the first boss is a disappointment and bit of a freak who rapidly throws cute babies, which is just pure evil.

The big man has granted permission to use the magic we find and the ability to cast the spells which provide a variety of unique ways to dispose of our foes. The ring of fire scorches anyone who dares to get too close. Another opens up the ground to swallow our victims, cages that trap those nearby, and there are so many more. Possibly the best of all is shouting "Boo" to shoo them off. Each spell activates straight away but, if you are quick, slap that Spacebar to stockpile it for later and use in combination with the Return key, quite a cumbersome design but it works. The level ends when you reach the pentagram where you must wait for the sphere to whisk you away onto the next level.

The visuals are gorgeous with smooth scrolling across detailed landscapes using a pleasing palette, I might add. However, it's the tremendous quality of all the characters which steal the limelight, never have I seen such beautiful sprites. Audio is a mixed bag with each sound effect made from individual samples to suit their visual counterparts when casting spells. I adore the "Bla Bla Bla", this reminds me of the speech in Donkey Island. Sadly, the title music isn't as good and I cannot see the point of low-quality sampled music over the option of a crisp chiptune...

As much as it may try to hide behind the storyline, this is simply a generic shoot 'em up albeit with lots of cool power-ups and fun humour. It's obvious a lot of time and effort went into Mystical's production as it oozes so much artistic quality. I really enjoy playing this and I'm sure everyone will love its unique personality, at least for a couple of hours.


 - Mystical can be installed onto hard drive thanks to 8BitChip.
 - Stonish has a superb floppy disk by Zuul #177.
 - I was going to record a video but what's the point when Gears Of Games recorded this belter!

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