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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

RVF Honda

It's time for more Atari ST box art from my collection with MicroStyle's RVF Honda. I can't lie and say this is the prettiest cover I've featured but the bike is a beauty so let's open it up and take my new Honda for a ride...

First things first, RVF Honda isn't an arcade racer but more a simulator with semi/realistic mechanics like manual gears and opponents only Barry Sheene could beat. The graphics are barebones but move fast and there's even the option for 60Hz, which is something all games should have. I must say, having to push the bike is a neat touch but one that soon wears thin when struggling to master those corners thus slamming into yet another tree... Yep, the learning curve is hell on two-wheels which I think is successfully demonstrated in my video recording!

Make sure you're in the right gear for the corners otherwise you hit the tarmac before pushing...

Oh just look at those gorgeous graphics... umm. Oi you, keep off my grass!!

I'm not normally a racing simulator fan but RVF Honda is certainly addictive and offers a tough challenge. Arcade fans should walk away right now but those looking to flick through the gears and burn rubber to ultimately master each track will enjoy this. Another cool piece of hiSTory safely preserved within the AtariCrypt archives... ;-)

Those easy riders willing to master this old classic can grab RVF Honda on either floppy or hard disk.


  1. I used to love the animations in this game. Also pretty good sound effects. Gameplay wise ... hmmm ... Definitely a mixed bag for me as well.

    1. yeah it needs time putting into this otherwise you're not going to get the best from it. A mate loves the sound effects also, and i agree they are superb but pushing the bike tickles me everytime. I love that lol