Tuesday, August 21, 2018


I love finding something "new" and only yesterday I saw a version of Pong on Atari Legend which I'd not played before. It's by Construct Developments but I couldn't source a download from anywhere until ST Graveyard, aka Maarten Martens, kindly sent me the disk image. (Download added into AtariMania for safekeeping!)

Pong works only on the Atari STe thanks to the stereo tracker music, but the gameplay isn't exactly what I assumed. Forget your friends and family because this is a one-player conversion which uses your joystick to control both paddles at the same time. So, as you guide the left paddle, the right will automatically move in the opposite direction for a brain-busting experience! It's quite tough to fully master - but Pongtastic!!

Sadly, it appears Pong wasn't finished so there are a few minor niggles. The only thing that bugged me was how the ball becomes difficult to follow when it passing over an area of similar colour - thanks to that cool background. However, finding new ST software is always good and this offers a neat twist on the format.

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