Saturday, August 11, 2018


Time for a little comparison?

I figured an expansion to AtariCrypt was in order because there are many other great Atari games to play. We already have sections for the Atari STe and Falcon030 so why not the consoles? The Jaguar has many superb titles but, I admit that I am an 8-bit noob which means I'm excited to see what's out there in console land...

- A T A R I  2 6 0 0 -

This actually looks/sounds a lot better than I first imagined albeit without speech. The control mechanics are spot-on perfect with spritely movements that almost made me forget about the Chicken's limited one-shot mechanic. However, I didn't see Otto during the recording so perhaps I did something wrong? But the fat man did show up in other games and he can even be shot. What? Overall, a limited conversion but extremely playable.

- A T A R I  5 2 0 0 -

Things feel familiar from the go, possibly because it's an authentic conversion and also reminded me of the ST game - both visually and with that funky digitised speech. I enjoyed it but the speed feels a little slow and it's extremely difficult, to say the least. The robots are way beyond accurate - more like ruthless assassins. They're quick so expect no mercy. Yep, I fear my old-man reactions found this the hardest of all. Chicken, fight like a robot...

- A T A R I  S T -

Finally, we shouldn't forget the beautiful ST/Falcon game developed by the legend that is Dave Munsie. Those robots might be a little too eager to smash into the walls but I fear this is one of the best conversions out there. Well-balanced gameplay, authentic and incredibly playable. Check out our feature from last year.

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