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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

The Atari ST And The Creative People


Marco Breddin has done it again!! After unleashing the jaw-dropping Breakin' The Borders we finally have volume two, Beyond The Borders. I have only just received my copy which is a wonderful work of art detailing yet more hiSTory about the creative folk who made us gasp in awe. For once, I am (almost) lost for words by what is nothing less than a beautiful and professionally produced product and is certainly worth every penny.

Take a gander at both volumes on the Microzeit store and see if they don't get your demoscene juices bubbling with excitement. I know mine is so I'm excited to carefully begin flicking through each page of volume two!!


  1. Love your new label "Stuff lurking on the internet" ! Is this book purely about the demoscene?

    1. No, lots of related information. Games/etc

  2. "Jaw-dropping" until you peel your eyes off the photos and start reading that awful text, that is... :(