Sunday, July 07, 2019

An Amazine Weekend!

I've not been feeling too good over the weekend so I've sadly not been able to play, record or write for my favourite Atari ST website. Yes, this one!! But it's typical though isn't? After being in work all week, I get myself a dose of the dreaded man flu. Let me tell you, women, there is nothing worse than this illness. Scientific fact.

So, as I've not been in the mood, I popped over to Fujiology and grabbed a random diskmag. I love reading these when I can, and the ST has so many to choose from. In the end, I downloaded Amazine #4 by HMD which is probably one of the most shortlived magazines ever? I wonder whatever happened to No.5 /etc?

Amazine #4 begins with a fantastic intro by Animal Mine - which has jaw-dropping fx. The magazine itself is displayed using medium resolution so it looks gorgeous and is very easy on the eyes. (I remember my old flickery SC1224). Inside are all kinds of information relevant to the early 90s which is both incredibly interesting and also a shame, especially when you see various productions that never got finished - Yuppies Land. I also enjoyed the interviews and then seeing who topped the leaderboard for best artist, musician and more. Geeky fun!!

Sometimes I wish I could be ill more often so I can take the time to relax with a good diskmag. The ST has such an impressive library, covering a wide range of topics and interests. I enjoyed this one: it's interesting, funny, geeky and something today's youngsters will probably never "get". I only wish I'd have read more back in the day...

I love megademos but they can be spread too thinly with fillers. I prefer dentros myself!

I love the GUI how it pushes the pages across... Looks cool in ST Medium resolution too!

What? Fuzion are dead?? Right, come on guys, own it - who killed the Fuzion boys??

This was an interesting and sobering read and I would have enjoyed Yuppie's Land...

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