Sunday, July 14, 2019

Dusty Old Disks!

I figured it was finally the time to start doing a little housework. No, not the dusting and hoovering kind because that's for women in our lives. (Ouch!!! She just hit me! Sheesh, I wonder why?). Anyhow, I've got hundreds of coverdisks scattered about and I can never find the one I need without hunting through this mess. BooHoo, right?

I'm amazed how many cracking coverdisks were released by ST Format, ST Review and ST User. But there are older ones which I'd forgotten about by The One, ST/Amiga Format, Computer Express, ST Action, Zero, and a few others. This is quite a trip down memory lane and I'm finding lots of gems like Recover, Quick ST, Harlekin, Ani ST, GEMview, CPX modules, and tons of Ram Disks! All of which I could easily find on the internet, but where's the fun in that?

So come on folks, what are you ST nutters doing today???  STay Atari...


Unsurprisingly, most of my disks are by ST Format with ST User and ST Review follow for a close second and third respectively. I have been trying many disks as I went along but was shocked to see how few ST Action disks I had. However, I do appear to own every single Atari World disk, which is rather sweet I must say!

Scroll down for a few piccies... Warning, you may need TOS 1.4 and PicSwitch 0.7 in order to view them! ;o)


Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for...

Grr, I found 12 disks after taking this photo!! (10xSTF / 2xSTR)

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