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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Atari ST demos [part one]

I decided to make a video showcasing a limited selection of the earlier Atari ST demos which personally hold a special place in my heart. You know, those productions which made our brains, eyes and ears exploded with shock and excitement when we saw our machine doing things it was never supposed to be able to do!!

I hope you all enjoy this video and I've also added one of my favourite chiptunes as a cool backing track, Best Part Of The Creation by Big Alec. A mesmerising tune from "Punish Your Machine" which is also one of few medium resolution screens too!! Every demo is available on AtariMania and Demozoo and here is what I decided to pick:

* README.PRG by The Exceptions: Come on, nobody expected this when double-clicking that icon!
* Little Color Demo by The Exceptions: This is something I really love to listen to over and over.
* Full Screen Demo by Level 16: Both my TV and I were blown away by this stunning feat!
* The Union Demo by The Union: I still remember ordering this!! What a moment in time.
* The Cuddly Demos by The Carebears: To me, this felt like a Union Demo II. Ace STuff.
* Overdrive Demo by Phalanx: Oh, that menu. Wow, incredible!! How did they do it?
* Mindbomb by The Lost Boys: Possibly the best demo team? Ohhh what have I just started? lol

Update: I've made a follow-up video. Clickety Click! :)

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