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Saturday, July 20, 2019


I remember playing Frantick years ago but died over (and over again) so I figured it was about time that I gave this another shot. Well, after today's attempt, I still suck eggs but boy, is this a cracking game. Released in 1994 by the legend that is Dave Munsie, Frantick is a shoot 'em up which is like a 2D Tempest ... meets Jeff Minter ... meets insanity! The documentation states that your reflexes and dexterity will be tested and it's not wrong.

This game is very challenging so features two extra game modes to help train you: Easy and Droid. Personally, I prefered the help from my trusty droid who seemed to enjoy sacrificing itself to compensate for my sluggish reactions... I suggest playing in either mode for a few games practice, you'll need it. Trust me.

Our spaceship is situated within a horizontal stripe along the middle of the screen. We can't escape this area but can move along it and fire up/downwards at the enemies. These blighters will ascend on your position, so be quick and kill them before they reach you. One-touch and you're brown bread, but there are power-ups to help and other bonuses. If things get too crazy then whack your spacebar to activate a limited supply of nukes.

Those with friends can play together. Sadly, I have no friends because nobody likes me...

Quick! Move! Dodge! Fire! Kill!! NOOO... HELP ME!!

Graphically, things are actually pretty simple but using freakishly psychedelic styles! There are many different aliens and everything comes alive with colour. Heck, there is even an epilepsy warning! The sound effects are superb and STe owners, with enough Ram, can listen to streamed DMA music in-game which I really enjoyed.

As with Anarchy, this is one of those games that is too fast for old Stevie! Frantick completely bemuses and overwhelmed me with its furious action but it's such a thrill. But boy, what a ride. Phew!!

This is what you'd call a great example of arcade-style gaming at its best. Just make sure you wear cheap sunglasses and drink lots of coffee to thoroughly enjoy what is nothing less than a ridiculous shoot 'em up!!

Download from AtariMania for the full registered game.
 [ Install to hdd/ultrasatan for best results


  1. This game looks awesome. I don't think I have played it. Honestly, I thought Frantic came on an STFORMAT cover disk and was a totally different game than presented here. It is me, getting old ;-) Anyway, great read. Thanks a lot! Cheers, Maarten (STG/Marty/AL)

    1. Ah perhaps you're thinking of Frenetic?

  2. Now that looks great! Must check it out. Munsie put a lot of high quality stuff out back in the days!

    1. I couldn't agree more. That guy is every 16bit an Atari ST legend.