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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Oh No! Not More Radioactive Mineshafts

Not since Rumbo or Hector vs The Mutant Vampire Tomatoes From Hell have I loved a game's title more. I mean, come on, Oh No! Not More Radioactive Mineshafts - fantastic!! This is a catch 'em style game released by Breakpoint Software (Jon Garry) for the Atari STe and, once again, the 'PD' world comes up trumps with a charming title.

We are a penguin who has somehow fallen down a mineshaft. Hmm... Okay, to escape we need to collect colourful blocks which are raining down from above using our head. Yes, I said using our head... Before a level begins, we're instructed of the number and type of each block to be nutted by our noggin before a timer expires. However, once these have fallen onto the ground, they become radioactive (I presume) and will begin to slide away - so hop over them without dying. Thankfully, there is a password system to skip directly to any level - brilliant!!

Surely I can beat Tony Hart and Les Dennis!!!

Controls are best using a joystick (keyboard sucks). You can move left or right and hitting on that fire button (or pushing upwards) allows you to leap over the radioactive sliding blocks. Right from the start, the gameplay is fast and I'm incredibly impressed with the controls which are superbly responsive. In fact, they are perfect.

Graphically, these mineshafts aren't half bleak: a black screen with little blocks. Okay, the penguin sprite is cute, the colours are always bold and stunning (both game and its jazzy menus), plus everything moves at a brisk pace. Audio is where things really shine and throughout are some of the most spectacular tunes by musicians like Tao, Big Alec, Sally of STAX(hello Jon!), Mad Max and Count Zero. All are electrifying and will live on forever!

A password system? Ohh, brillopads!! ^ ^

This is a frantically simple game which I've thoroughly enjoyed - even if it did drive me nuts!! I'm unsure whether it will appeal to everyone but give it a go because you never know? My only criticism is the lack of an in-game points display, which means you won't know whether you've done enough to progress - until that timer has expired.

Oh No! Not More Radioactive Mineshafts is infuriatingly addictive and will certainly have you screaming at your SC1224 in no time. Overall, it's irritating, agonising and yet ever so addictive. An exhilarating game!

Download from AtariMania or
Stonish with a great menu disk by Pure Energy [video]

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