Saturday, July 21, 2018

Risky Woods

Another oldie from my YouTube channel and this time it's Risky Woods developed by those Dinamic fellas who gave us a Marine with wiggly legs. This time we are Rohan, a young knife-wielding chap from a place called The Lost Land, a once-peaceful place protected by Monks. Well, it was a nice place to live until the demon Draxos came along and imprisoned each monk as a stone statue! The entire place is now overrun with evil creatures so it's our job to kill them all and free the monks before Draxos takes full control. Just another day in retro gaming land...

There's no denying the stunning artwork which feels like a cross between Strider and Jim Power.

Risky Woods is your typical scrolling platformer that has us leaping across the numerous platforms, frantically banging on the fire button to kill everything in sight. Each level is stuffed with enemies and lots of bonuses to collect but you must also remember to free every monk before attempting to exit a level. Each level is superbly designed and looks beautiful but it's the sprites that I love the most which are both large and detailed - just look at those skeletons!! Slain enemies leave behind gold coins to (quickly) collect and use in the shop to purchase weapons.

I love platformers and this has some great attributes for enjoyable gameplay but it's very difficult too because of a constant onslaught of so many enemies. The controls are good but the game suffers from annoying mechanics like having to bend down to collect coins - awkward during the heat of the battle. Bumping into the bad guys forces you to drop some of your loot and you cannot fire for a moment. These collisions are annoying [especially on level 3]

The world of Risky Woods - game maps over on Hall Of Light.

Risky Woods is good, it's just not great and there are better platformers to play. I think that with a little more thought, this could have been a cracking arcade adventure but it feels like a rushed port and looks better than it actually is. But if you fancy using a trainer to see each of the levels, then grab either a floppy or install to your hard drive.

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