Saturday, July 21, 2018

Risky Woods

Spanish Talent

I'm digging up another oldie video from my YouTube channel (please subscribe) and this time it's Risky Woods developed by Dinamic - the ones who gave us a Marine with wiggly legs (lol fantastic!). This time we are Rohan, a young knife-wielding chap from a place called The Lost Land, a once-peaceful place protected by Monks.

The monks once guarded the wisdom of the Lost Land until a baddie turned up to ruin everything. Draxos brought his legions of evil armies and turned all the monks into statues. Nobody is safe, children are crying and evil roams the lands. What can we do? Of course, this is our queue to enter the woods and free the monks and defeat Draxos. Can you do it? Come on, kids are crying so let's kick some demonic ass!

I know, I know, another silly story for another normal day in retro gaming land. So, let's play...

Hurry and free all the monks to save the land from the evil Draxos!

Sexy platforming!

Risky Woods is a scrolling platformer that has us leaping across platforms, frantically banging on the fire button to kill everything. Each level is stuffed with enemies who are only too eager to rush onto the screen but there are also lots of bonuses - just don't forget why you're here. Each monk needs freeing before you can leave.

The game feels like a cross between something like Ork and Black Tiger much of the time. I love how responsive the controls are and they need to be - many enemies are constantly rushing onto the screen at a frequent pace. It's quite overwhelming but great fun without ever crushing your spirit. Think Black Lamp and you've got the idea.

Each level is superbly designed and looks absolutely stunning with lush environments, high details and fancy effects. However, it's the sprites that I love even more because they are large and superbly animated - just look at those skeletons!! Slain enemies leave behind gold coins to collect for use in the shop to purchase weapons.

There's no denying the stunning artwork which is some of the best I've ever seen.


Visually, this is one heck of a looker. Risky Woods is a beautiful game with stunning landscapes, raster backdrops and so many different spooky sprites. The level of artwork is impressive, to say the least. I dare anyone to say otherwise. Scrolling is responsive and pretty darn nice for an STf game but a part of me cannot help but wonder why they didn't push the boat out with some level of STe support.

Like the visuals, the sonix do not disappoint thanks to the great chiptunes by Jose Martin throughout.

Check out the map. This details your torturous journey through the Lost Lands.

The CryptO'pinion?

The problem I have with this game is its design and difficulty. The constant onslaught of invading enemies is often too much and made worse by having to bend down to collect dropped coins. That's just awkward during the heat of battle. Also, bumping into a baddie makes you drop loot and you cannot fire for a brief moment. Irritating!!

Having said that, I've had a blast with this gorgeous platformer! It's exciting, frantic and devilishly addictive. What a good albeit flawed platformer - if only Dinamic had balanced the gameplay better then it would have been nothing less than a classic. Little old me found it demanding without a trainer. Am I wrong? Let me know!

Downloads for floppy and hard drive.

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