Saturday, January 30, 2016

Mac Pan

After yesterday's awesome (yet mind - blowing!) technical flight sim I needed something a little less taxing on my old brain cells. That's right, I am taking an easier route today and found myself a Pac-Man clone. Many come with tons of bells and whistles but here is one of a more traditional variety so let's get pill-popping and ghost munching!

Mac Pan was released in 1987 by Richard Beith and only works in the crisp ST High resolution. The graphics are vintage, yet cute and do their job as good as you would require. Sound effects are a little sparse and perhaps could have been better but what more can you do with "waka waka waka"? What little music plays, is thankfully chiptune and it sure sounds sweet. There are one or two integrated features which I really did like, for example, hold down the fire button and you can temporally increase the yellow guy's speed. Best of all is the simultaneous 2-player support. Yep, two people can play Mac Pan which is a great laugh and highly recommended.

It might have a daft name but I would rate this is a pretty decent pac-man clone for high-resolution systems and I can imagine lots of German workers in the late 80s playing Mac Pan during their lunch break. Overall, there is little to complain about and lots to enjoy because it's Pac-Man so pick up your joystick and enjoy yourself like it's 1980.


 - Apparently, the game has a cheat mode but I've never found it. Have you?
 - Using Old Games Finder (read more about that here) I was able to find you all a download!
 - Here is a video recording I made :-)