Thursday, June 29, 2017

Flying Shark

Following on from Deathbringer, the next game to feature in our Atari ST Pixel Art collection is Firebird's wonderful Flying Shark. What an amazing example of 16-bit artistry, just look at that sinister glare as it zooms over the landscape. This loading screen is superb and has always been one of my favourite pictures, easily beating what the other computer conversions displayed back then. Heck, I could stare at this gorgeous image all day long!!

I remember getting this on ST/Am*ga Format cover disk #7 much to the envy of my Miggy mates. Obviously, this was a pretty faithful representation of the coin-op with great graphics, ace music and excellent gameplay. The play area didn't slide left/right (like in the arcades) but it didn't need to because of our wider resolution ratio. I personally think Firebird released a cracker and this is one of my favourite vertically scrolling shoot 'em ups for the Atari ST.


 - Klaz's Hideaway has a hard drive and floppy version to download w/ trainer!
 - 8BitChip has the hard disk version and Stonish has Flying Shark on Zuul #37 floppy disk.
 - ST Am*ga Format cover disk #7 can be downloaded from the ST Format website.
 - I downloaded the demo and recorded a video to recreate my first play. Yes, I'm mad but it was fun...

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