Thursday, June 29, 2017

Flying Shark

Flying pixels!

Following on from Deathbringer, the next piece of wonderful Atari ST Pixel Art is Firebird's Flying Shark which is a belting example of 16-bit artistry. Just look at the title screen with that sinister face as it flys over the lush landscape. Yep, this screen is superb and so are the in-game graphics with gorgeous landscapes and sprites.

I remember getting this on an ST/Amiga Format cover disk back in my college days - much to the envy of my Miggy mate!! It's actually a pretty faithful representation of the coin-op with great graphics, ace music and excellent gameplay. The play area doesn't slide left/right (like in the arcades) but that's not required due to our wider resolution ratio. I personally think Firebird released a cracker and it's a blast on the Atari ST. You will love it!!


Klaz's Hideaway has a HDD and floppy version w/ trainer!
Stonish has Flying Shark on Zuul #37 floppy disk.
ST/Amiga Format cover disk #7 can be downloaded from ST Format.

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